“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X

This post is an expansion of information for the KLM ‘Workforce Development Platform’ service. The 3 KLM Foundational Solutions categories of services (KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP, and MANAGEMENT) were highlighted in a previous post. Now we are providing more details for each of the 7 primary services within those 3 categories.

This is the first of two KLM Services highlighted within the KNOWLEDGE Solution. Our hope is that the additional detail will help you recognize the possibilities for enlisting our services to assist you.

NOTE … This post is based upon the premise:

  • Development of your people (all levels) is a powerful investment.
  • Development can be a collaborative and utilize a ‘blended’ approach.



    • Create and implement an employee development platform that ensures employee work, development, and contribution contribute to business performance.
    • Provide an overall systematic approach to identify employee capabilities and development needs that ensure a direct link to their contribution to business metrics and performance. Reliance on development while doing ‘real’ day-to-day work while utilizing a blended approach for learning. This approach requires a partnership between the employee, their manager, and training resources with emphasis on real-time coaching and mentoring.

Impact … Employees are better equipped to contribute in ways that are meaningful to them personally and to the business. Track impact using metrics directly connected to the business goals.

Developing the capacity of your people is a smart business investment vehicle to invest in the growth, well being, and the contribution they are able to make to your business while improving relationships. 

Please contact me and let’s discuss your needs and how best to satisfy them by positioning your people to contribute as you never realized they could. I would appreciate hearing from you and your thoughts and ideas about my comments.

Michael C. Marshall
The KLM Group, LLC