A friend and colleague of mine once told me …

“I cannot motivate anyone. All I can do is create an environment from which the individual can choose to become motivated.”

He was sharing this thought as it pertained to both supervising people or in facilitating a learning event. I have personally discovered this to be true. A significant part of the facilitator’s role is to be a ‘servant’ to the group and create the environment that ‘invites’ people to give their best self.

  • ISSUE:
    • How do facilitative trainers create an environment and relationship, with participants in a learning event, that promote the willingness and commitment, of the participants, to invest in their learning.
  • Solution:
    • Incorporate the list of motivators (on next slide) into your planning before the training even begins and integrate them into your delivery as well.
    • There should be a partnership between the trainer/facilitator and the participant’s manager to successfully set the stage for a productive learning event.
    • Utilize our facilitative toolbox (available in a 1-day training event: THE ART OF FACILITATING A LEARNING EVENT’) to promote interactions and a learning environment that considers learning styles and approaches to further enhance motivation and the desire to learn.
  • Impact:
    • With the right environment, people will want to invest in their development.
    • There will be a recognizable ROI to the organization for their investment.
    • Quality of learning is enhanced and a greater probability for application of their new skills will occur.
    • This idea of motivation applies to all forms of training and methods of delivery in a learning environment – i.e. blended learning.




These ‘motivators’ are not intended to be a comprehensive ‘list’. They are intended to provoke thinking and ensure attention is given to how you will create a motivational learning environment where people will be more successful in their learning endeavors. Which ones resonate with you? Why? What would you like to add to the list? Please share with me.

Please contact me and let’s discuss your business and people development needs and how best to satisfy them by positioning your people to contribute as you never realized they could. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Michael C. Marshall
The KLM Group, LLC