I have become amused with the many ‘faces’ of leadership. Recently, I started collecting a list of additional ‘descriptors’ (i.e. servant, adaptive, agile, transformational, authentic, etc.) people are placing in front of the word LEADERSHIP. My ‘list’ is now up to 49!  I am not suggesting that any one of them does not have merit. 

What are the implications for such a long list of Leadership adjectives? Is it because the way to describe leadership is illusive? I think not. Is it likely that the word leadership is so dynamic and has so many dimensions that relying on a single word to characterize it is futile?

Of course, everyone has an ‘opinion’ of what the best descriptor is or should be. Businesses have been built based upon these descriptors. What if one was to simplify the ‘formula’ for defining what leadership means and looks like for them? After all, reading a book does not, within itself, provide you with the magic recipe. More than likely, it only provides another dimension for consideration. Part of learning and growing is to discover what is right / best for your organization and the people you will serve. Once you have found the best ‘recipe’ that will ensure optimum influence, employee development, and involvement, as well as improvement in business results … assess yourself against that recipe and implement your development plan. Secure a coach/mentor to aid you in your journey and continued growth.

How are you currently defining your critical leadership traits, characteristics, and behaviors? How well is your current ‘recipe’ working for you? Is it creating success for you? Your people? Your business? I would appreciate you contacting me to discuss your current leadership abilities and determine how to grow your mastery as a leader and become better equipped to help your people and your business become even more successful. 

Michael C. Marshall
The KLM Group, LLC