Desired Outcome … Build an appreciation and ability to have a greater impact on the learning, retention, and involvement of participants in a work or learning related event through the use of a variety of methods’ represented within the learning pyramid.

  • A key principle we could embrace for improvement in any group discussion, especially for learning events, is reflected in this quote:  
  • The Learning Pyramid is a model that reflects a range of methods for facilitating a conversation – work or learning related. 
  • What’s your interpretation of the key points represented within the model?


  • It is important for a facilitator to utilize the full range / combinations of methods …     It is best not to rely on just one method.
  • Make CONSCIOUS CHOICES which method/s you utilize for a given topic or intended outcome.
  • A greater reliance on ACTIVE methods will yield greater quantity, quality, understanding, retention, and ability to apply to your work.
  • This does not negate the need or benefit of using the PASSIVE methods.

*** Note – this model relates to other learning models / concepts shared in previous tips: the learning ‘styles’ and ‘approaches’.

What is one key learning / insight you will take away from this information?

How will you take advantage of this tip, today? Please let me know how this tip was useful and how you benefited. 

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