From ‘The Art of Facilitation… How to Effectively Facilitate a LEARNING Event THAT DRIVES RESULTS!’©


  • Not writing down / documenting action items as they surface
  • Lose momentum … group energy
  • Loose an idea completely
  • Waste time trying to rediscover the action needed
  • Nothing gets accomplished or at a minimum, miss the ‘mark’


  • Have a flip chart on the wall with title and 3 columns: WHAT, WHO, WHEN
  • Record it on a flip as soon as it is identified
  • If the WHO or When is not known or obvious, write down the WHAT.
  • As a part of the wrap-up, identify the WHO and WHEN
  • Publish the action list with the meeting summary within 24-36 hours


  • ROI is more likely to be achieved
  • Increased probability of follow-up
  • Clear ownership / responsibility
  • Allows proper set-up for additional actions in subsequent meetings
  • Goals are achieved through a series of ‘steps’ – no / lost steps translate to not realizing the full benefit of a goal achieved 

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this topic.