“The word ‘COACHING’ has been applied to various types of conversations. I worked for a company who used the word ‘coaching’ very broadly. However, anytime you heard the word, you could assume it was likely a performance issue. Unfortunately, I see this same pattern in many organizations. We can all do a much better job of praising people – informally as well as more frequently, as well as within the more formal settings. We can do a much better job of explaining our intent, purpose, and goal when we want to provide coaching to others (employees, peers, your manager, etc.). As leaders, our goal should be to acknowledge and celebrate successes as well as encourage continuous improvement.

This KLM GROUP ‘tip of the week’ is an attempt to bring a coaching discussion to the forefront and offer distinctions about the different focus areas where coaching is used. Even if you prefer different ‘labels’ or have additional views to what I am offering, my hope is to raise your level of awareness and cause you to put more quality thought and effort into your approach, identifying / discovering the goal and desired impact you hope to bring about in others.

Each of the 4 focus areas should cause us to consider:

  • What is my End In Mind (EIM)? What is the EIM of the ‘coachee’?
  • What is our goal / intent for this coaching discussion?
  • How do I set up this conversation for success?
  • What should my approach be (collaborative, feedback, provoke thought / self awareness. etc.) to achieve the intended goal?
  • What questions should I ask?
  • What should my attitude be – how will I best serve the individual?
  • What condition should my mind, heart and spirit be in?
  • Will I / the ‘coachee’ view this as a partnership?
  • How will I ensure the right follow up / ownership with clear responsibilities?



Coaching is a powerful vehicle to invest in the growth, well being, and contribution of our people. Make the time to have these conversations with each other.

I would appreciate hearing from you – your thoughts and ideas about the 4 focus areas and my commentary. Let’s help each other become better coaches.

Michael C. Marshall
The KLM Group, LLC