1. Build Strong and Effective Teams

    • Solution: Develop strong and effective teams and teamwork through a set of agreed upon characteristics, behaviors, responsibilities, performance goals, and accountabilities.
    • Impact … Build capacity, alignment, ownership, and commitment that enables the team to demonstrate exceptional impact by achieving targeted performance metrics / goals.

2. Create Actions and Results from Your Meetings

    • Solution: Develop the ability, within the organization, to facilitate collaborative team meetings and achieve consensus decisions that lead to action and results with commitment to follow-through on decisions / agreements.
    • Impact … Apply tools and techniques to eliminate unnecessary meetings and ensure implementation of decisions. Experience a minimum of 25% reduction in meeting time. 

3. Build Collaborative Problem Solving Skills

    • Solution: Build capability in a specific set of collaborative problem solving tools and skills that apply to both day to day or project work.
    • Impact … Individual and group ownership of problem definition, solution, and planning to fix problems that stay fixed.

What’s Next?

  • Discussion to answer questions about this information.

  • Free self-assessment of your business, organization, and leadership with free consultation. 

Stay tuned for the next part in this sequence of solutions from Michael Marshall and The KLM Group coming next month.