• A 2,500-person manufacturing site – all levels and functions.
  • Managers included multiple levels and functions – from First Line Supervisors to the site manager. 
  • Performance of managers across a set of defined competencies (did not include functional expertise) was not satisfactory.
  • A 25% decrease in employee morale, engagement, and the inability of all managers to coach and mentor their people adequately on performance and engagement.
  • A 15% gap in supervisor ability across 8 competencies needed to positively influence performance, coach, mentor, and engage employees.


  • Established a set of competencies and related skills were defined to support job descriptions.
  • Developed a standardized approach to assess, develop, and validate leadership skills for managers – all levels and functions.
  • Created a curriculum, delivery methods, and tools/assessments to verify growth in ability.
  • Created and implemented a sustainability system and owner to manage the solution long term.


Increase in skills and abilities across 8 competencies by 20% across 175 managers.