A global corporation had 65 manufacturing sites within North America. Each site had responsibility to ensure all appropriate personnel had satisfied the legal and corporate requirements for mandated safety training. These requirements resided at a national and state level. Each site created their own version of the required training for about 50 courses and each site had to develop, deliver, maintain, document, and maintain records for all their employees. Each course had to be reviewed and upgraded on a set frequency with the help of a subject matter expert (SME) and required additional support from a training resource to complete remaining preparation for utilization and tracking. The time, resources, and cost were approximately 65 times what should have been required to satisfy the mandated training requirements.


  • Assess the legal requirements and establish a system to leverage resources (training material, personnel, delivery, record keeping, etc.).
  • A standardized ‘best practice’ solution leveraged across all sites.
  • Identify training resources and SME (Subject Matter Experts) to manage and sustain the integrity of the training solution for the whole region.
  • An overall managing and tracking system to verify compliance with state and federal regulations.


  • Reduced the number of mandated courses from 50 to 25.
  • Eliminated the need for each site to create and manage each training topic.
  • $4.8mm savings within the first year of implementation.