Objective: Understand the cycle (the natural steps) of a learning approach that will ensure all participant learning style preferences are met which will provide a greater likelihood of achieving the workshop learning objectives. Utilizing this model in your planning and delivery will promote learning, engage the minds and hearts of your audience, increase learning and the ability of the participants. 

The model and the suggested ‘flow’ is like a series of freeze-frame photos of a very dynamic and fluid mental learning activity. The meaning behind the words within the model:

  • Explain: In a facilitative and engaging way, transfer knowledge to the audience.
  • Demonstrate: Illustrate.
  • Exercise: Apply what they have learned in a safe / no-risk environment to validate how well they understand.
  • Guide: Coach. Mentor. Provide feedback.

Key Points:

  • There are 4 distinct and naturally powerful steps in the ‘journey’ for how to promote learning and help people become proficient with a task.
  • The process is cyclical in nature and may need repetition to ensure competency that offers more opportunities for insights, understanding, and coaching.
  • Your process should be fluid, ensure all 4 steps in the cycle are represented and utilized.
  • Support individuals in the audience with encouragement and explanation of the task. 
  • Utilize the knowledge and capabilities of other participants to support the learning conversation.