People have different preferences in their learning styles. As facilitators, we should be aware of these styles and adjust our training techniques, processes, personal style, and delivery methods to accommodate the various styles represented in the audience in order to optimize learning.


  • There is no one best style – there is no ‘bad’ / ‘best’ style.
  • Styles only reflect the preferences that exist within the audience.
  • Everyone has a natural preference.
  • However, everyone embodies characteristics of all 4 styles.
  • Individuals may have dominance in one or more of the styles.
  • If your overall ‘plan’ of delivery addresses / satisfies the needs of all 4 styles across the whole event, everyone’s preference will be served, all will benefit, and improved learning will occur.
  • People will tend to view a particular style as better or worse than others – watch for and counter that view if it shows up.
  • Don’t let your personal preference dominate your process, facilitation, and delivery choices.
  • Be aware and watch out for how people are responding to your current approach if you sense your process/style is not working, make adjustments.
  • Clarification of each style:
    • Touch it: Experience how it works.
    • See it: Watch it through a demonstration.
    • Think about it: Analyze it and understand how it works and why to read the material/instructions first.
    • Prove it: Give it a try and test it under safe/non-threatening conditions.
  • Utilize processes, for your agenda topics, that incorporate all learning styles or combinations of styles.