Background – My Professional Career Connection

My professional career has focused on developing people, coaching leaders, and improving business performance. I’ve always been a practitioner and advocate for developing the workforce and improving the capacity of the organization to improve the performance of both the individual and the business. A key is connecting workforce development and contributions, all people, all levels, all functions, to business performance. Even though The KLM Group, LLC is new, it’s focus reflects the work that has been my passion for over 30 years.

My Professional Influences

With the help of my business coach, Jim Roman, President of BOI (Business Owners Institute), and my branding and marketing coach, Natalie Toalson McNamara, Founder of Creative Marketing Group, my business is poised to be a source of expertise to help clients utilize a collaborative approach to ensure workforce development bridges the gap between business needs and breakthrough results.

The Meaning of the Name

The meaning behind the company name can be described as such:

K represents KNOWLEDGE (“green mountain”) and includes:
– Educate
– Capability
– Growth
– Power and potential of development
A personal note… K is the first letter of my daughter’s name – Kimberly

L represents LEADERSHIP (“blue mountain”) and includes:
– Engage the workforce – all levels, all functions
– Overlooking the health and growth of your business
– Providing clarity, direction, and priorities
– Coaching
– Possibilities
A personal note… L is the first letter of Lincoln, my great grandson

M represents MANAGEMENT (“brown mountain”) and includes:
– Embrace – we’re all in this together mindset and attitude
– Tactical business operation and management
– Utilize a team based collaborative approach to ensure business results are delivered
– Getting the job done
– Tracking progress / results
– Developing the workforce to create, develop, and sustain the gain

The Meaning of the Logo / Mark

The meaning behind the company logo can be described as such:
As for the ‘mountains’ in the logo mark, I’ve always been attracted to the amazing beauty and majesty of mountains. They not only help put things in perspective, but they also help lift spirits and inspire people to pursue greater hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The KLM ‘mountains’ is what we use as the foundation for helping businesses become more successful. This can only occur by being intentional in the approach used for greater business success.

Furthermore, the ‘mountains’ in the logo, KNOWLEDGE, LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, reflect the foundations of our approach. They work together in harmony to create breakthrough results in a business. Your people are your greatest asset. Why not create a strong partnership with @The KLM Group to tap in to the potential that exists in everyone, within your organization, to help your business achieve breakthrough results.