Group of Consultants, including Tenured Dupont Employees, Create New Consulting Group; Unveils New Company Name, Website, and Marketing Campaign in Addition to Expanded Products and Services.

February 21, 2018, Richmond, VA: The KLM Group, a newly established consulting group, recently announced that they will be launching expanded products and services aimed to improve business performance by helping their clients tap into the power and potential of their people to achieve breakthrough business results while ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of their people.

Principal and Founder, Michael C Marshall, states “The KLM Group offers consultation services and specializes in developing and integrating workforce, leadership, and teamwork performance as an overall solution to improve business results.” The growing consulting group has experienced growth nationally with their strategic partners, including New Reality Leadership (Delaware); CJ Baxter Group (Texas); Steve Wilson Associates (West Virginia); and Jim Roman Business Owners Institute (Virginia) to support client needs beyond their former scope of services. This group helps clients implement significant / strategic initiatives that are essential to the success of their business. A business can improve performance in a Key Performance Metric by as much as 20%. The KLM Group accomplishes this by relying on specific leadership behaviors, collaborative processes, and the involvement and development of your people while doing real work. Their clients have included CCI, Monsanto, DSM, and Cargill.

The KLM Group is a partner and tenant of the new Jim Roman Business Owners Institute collaboration space located in Scott’s Addition. Regarding the KLM Group’s recent growth and rebranding, Jim Roman stated: “As a colleague and strategic partner, Michael has been instrumental in helping my clients with their strategic objectives by figuring out how to bridge the GAP with them reaching their strategic outcomes.”

The KLM Group initiated the following changes in the new 2018 year: 

  • New Business Structure:
    • Expanded services to include development of the workforce, leadership, and management in order to build effective internal teamwork.
    • Included strategic partners who can serve client needs beyond the scope of previous offerings.
  • New Business Name and Brand
  • The Launch of a New Website

About the KLM Group: The KLM Group is a consulting group that exists to improve the effectiveness and teamwork of businesses through a platform that involves improving Knowledge, Leadership, and Management. The group assists businesses in reaching their potential by improving performance and competitiveness. The KLM Group base of operation is located at 1401 Roseneath Road, Suite 200C, Richmond, VA. 23230 within the Jim Roman Business Owners Institute Resource Center.

Media Contact:
Natalie Toalson McNamara
Creative Marketing Strategist