A manufacturing company in the U.S. with about 65 manufacturing sites, involving about 30k personnel, needed to improve the training and development system. The operating costs were exceeding the budget by 30%. The number of qualified people to serve as training resources had diminished by 20% across the North American region. The existing training and development processes and resources were inadequate to support the required training and development activities.


  • Update training system, approach, and supporting processes.
  • Improve the quality of the learning approach and results along with satisfying internal customer and regulatory needs.
  • Improve and maintain skills of operators and mechanics.
  • Improve quality of training, cycle time, and skill level.
  • Reduce overall operating costs.


Delivered a 50% reduction in variable costs (~$1.75mm / year) by standardizing how training was created, managed, delivered, and the learning / skills were applied. No increase in site training resources.