Consider the need, purpose, and type of the meeting first … What if you were more diligent in taking a moment to determine if a meeting was really essential before scheduling one. How many unfruitful / wasted hours have you spent in meetings because they were not needed, not managed, or the wrong people were there?



Consider the 3 types of meetings (next slide). All meetings must be planned (purpose, outcomes, and detailed agenda) to provide guidance and clarity. STOP when it’s over and AVOID going off on tangents. Invite only those essential to conduct the business at hand.  Other than ‘collaboration’, if there is a simpler way to satisfy the need, use it. ELIMINATE ALL UNECESSARY MEETINGS! – and – DO A GREAT JOB PLANNING AND FACILITATING THE ONES YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED!



If you embrace the recommendation, you will reduce your time in meetings by 25% just by eliminating unnecessary / unplanned meetings and by finding simpler ways to convey information to your organization (emails, etc.) without wasting an inordinate amount of time.




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“The Art of Collaborative Meetings … How to Create Consensus Decisions that Lead to Action and Results”

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