The Challenge: How to motivate a person to WANT to learn? 

    • Understand what motivates adult learners.
    • Everyone has different needs. 
    • Ability to recognize their ‘motivators’.
    • Multiple motivators for each individual.
    • Know our audience well enough.

Desired Outcome: Insight into key facilitation tools, practices, and principles to promote the desire to learn.

“I can’t motivate anyone. All I can do is create an environment in which the person can choose to be motivated.”
~ Rayford Jimerson


  • Do we care enough!!!
  • Are we fully utilizing known facilitation tools, practices, and principles that support the right learning environment:
    • Exercises (Learn by Experimenting and Practicing)
    • Learning Styles (Accommodating Natural Preferences)
    • Learning Pyramid (Variety of Teaching Methods)
    • Keeping it Relevant (Meaningful and Useful)


  • What is your key insight / learning?
  • How will you benefit from utilizing this information?
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