A global corporation was struggling with how to ensure their 65 North American sites were all contributing in the right way to ensure their efforts contributed to the corporate performance goals. Several businesses, within the corporation, had failed to meet their profit objectives for the previous 2 years. Every site had been using a different process to create their strategic plan and metrics which did not always make a solid contribution to the profit objectives of the corporation.


  • Standardized process for creating a strategic plan with clear objectives, priorities, and supporting performance metrics for all sites to follow that would directly influence corporate performance metrics.
  • Implementation plan for all sites that would integrate this focus, clarity, and contribution to all contributing organization units within each site.
  • Audit process to ensure each site and its internal organization segments followed the new process and ensured their contributions directly impacted the business goals.
  • A communication plan to educate all sites on the new solution and clarify expectations.
  • A training module customized for 3 levels of a site organization – site staff, middle managers and their teams, and for the first line managers and their direct reports.
  • Facilitate learning sessions to train site people to facilitate the training of others and implementation of the solution.


A 75% increase in site contribution to corporate performance goals and expectations. The corporate profit objectives for the following year were achieved.