One only needs to glance at the vast amount of information available about leadership and begin to marvel at how elusive the concept of leadership appears. What is leadership? How do you define it in manageable terms that allow an individual or organization to have a clear target to embrace? 

A definition of leadership is somewhat difficult to describe simplistically as it is too fluid, dynamic, and versatile. A collection of various labels used to describe leadership resulted in 34 different adjectives / descriptors attached to the word. This does not include the 12 styles of leadership attributed to individuals (i.e. historical figures and authors). Likely, all of them have validity and there are likely many more descriptors. 

Leadership is a skill which can be developed. Great leadership requires more than just skill. It must include: certain behaviors, functions to be performed, competencies, and qualities. 

Key questions for you are: How will you describe it?; How will your people describe what their expectations are of you?; How will you develop and reflect the leadership that is necessary for your people to blossom and your business to flourish? 

The overall goal of great leadership is to create a motivational work environment in which empowers, motivates, develops, and engages your workforce so they will become ‘partners’ in the success of your business.