One of the biggest challenges for a business to remain competitive and viable is to motivate their workforce. People are the greatest resource of a business! Leaders must do a better job of motivating their workforce in order to fully utilize the skills, talents, and creativity of everyone in a way that will increase their personal satisfaction and contribution to the business. Achieving this includes a significant positive impact on morale and retention.


The following characteristics reflect the motivational factors combined with the right leadership behaviors will help match individual career needs, capabilities, and interests with business needs:

  • Personal Growth
    • A conscious process of developing or advancing oneself, which often results in an internal experience of fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Achievement of a Significant Task
    • The bringing to a successful end a project or activity that has high value, importance or meaning to the individual and the business.
  • Responsibility with Autonomy
    • Accountable for a task over which we have a large degree of control, freedom, and independence.
  • Acknowledgement for Accomplishment
    • Receiving recognition and appreciation from colleagues, supervision, and/or the company for having brought a project/activity to a successful conclusion, contributing to the wellbeing of the team and to the bottom-line of the business.
  • Alignment of Purpose
    • The experience of having one’s own goals, aims, or intentions shared by – or consistent with those of – the team, leadership, and business.
  • Relationships built on Trust and Respect
    • A sense of belonging, connectedness, or kinship to other individuals or a team that is grounded in mutual regard, consideration, and confidence.
  • Fairness
    • A belief that decisions, and the processes for deciding matters affecting one’s quality of worklife, are just and equitable.
  • Foundational Needs
    • The fundamentals of an employment relationship are satisfied, i.e. compensation, working conditions, and employment security.


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