Case Studies

Building ownership and commitment in team members to work ‘together’ on real and meaningful issues requires using basic practices and is fundamental to success. We all succeed or fail together. The key elements in the formula for building a successful team are:


  • Shared and meaningful purpose (to the business and the individuals on the team)
  • Specific and challenging goals
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Common collaborative approach to achieve the goals/objectives
  • Team members possess the necessary skills (soft and hard)

Improve Corporate Employee Training and Development System

Situation:A manufacturing company in the U.S. with about 65 manufacturing sites, involving about 30k personnel, needed to improve the training and development system. The operating costs were exceeding the budget by 30%. The number of qualified people to...

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Manufacturing Site Leadership Development

Situation:A 2,500-person manufacturing site – all levels and functions.Managers included multiple levels and functions – from First Line Supervisors to the site manager. Performance of managers across a set of defined competencies (did not include...

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Mandated Safety Training

Situation:A global corporation had 65 manufacturing sites within North America. Each site had responsibility to ensure all appropriate personnel had satisfied the legal and corporate requirements for mandated safety training. These requirements resided at...

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Employee Training & Development Curriculum

Situation:A corporation needed to streamline costs and processes for developing, delivering, and maintaining functional skill development for about 25,000 operating and maintenance technicians. Overall training cost had to be reduced by...

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Improve Manufacturing Equipment Operating Practices

Situation:Business directors of 7 manufacturing sites across 3 global regions initiated a project to standardize operating best practices for equipment that existed in all of the sites. Operating practices varied across each site and translated to a...

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Educate. Engage. Embrace.


The KLM Group exists to improve the way the world of business learns, grows, and performs through a platform for improving Knowledge (Education), Leadership (Engagement), and Management (Embracing).


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