“Collaborative Problem-Solving using CONSENSUS” … Utilize this framework and supporting process tools to facilitate achieving consensus decisions on problems, plans, etc.



Solving problems that require input from a variety of sources and expertise is invaluable. Those directly impacted should have a voice in defining the problem. Solution, and implementation. Learn how to effectively build consensus decisions collaboratively with The KLM Group Consensus building model.



Ensures a higher quality decision which the organization is willing to embrace because the key stakeholders voices were represented in the problem solving discussions. Ownership and level of commitment to ensure the solution works is greatly enhanced due to greater involvement. When consensus is utilized, it capitalizes on the collective wisdom of the organization with a greater likelihood of success.



This model only reflects the phases for building consensus. The KLM Group has more details on process tools to utilize in group discussions for each phase

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Michael C. Marshall
The KLM Group, LLC