Meaning – Accountability

    • The meaning seems to vary significantly. People’s interpretation of it’s meaning and related expectations usually results in a wide range of disparity. Even if the understanding is aligned across an organization, the willingness to embrace a positive and meaningful view is another factor. You could ask yourself whether or not your approach to achieve accountability is really clear, owned, or honored.
    • Have you ever experienced the ‘BLAME GAME’? This can be lethal to an organization.


Purpose for this ‘discussion’… How to build and improve both your personal and employee ownership of commitments which improve relationships and achieve results.


  1. Meaning of accountability.
  2. Why important.
  3. Why is it difficult.
  4. ‘It’s Your Choice!’
  5. Steps to build accountability.
  6. What’s next!


1. Meaning of Accountability

  • There are numerous sources and each with different variations on how to ‘define’ the meaning of accountability.
  • Not unexpected, many of the definitions use the word itself as part of the definition.
  • Many people use the word responsibility and accountability interchangeably.
  • What if we just interpreted the word responsibility as ‘able to respond’?! (i.e. skill set only?)
  • The following is an ‘offer’ for a definition.
  • Maybe, what’s more important is to establish a definition within your own organization that everyone is aligned with and will use as a ‘working’ definition!