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Our operating philosophy is to make common sense a common practice. The KLM Group exists to improve the way the world of business learns, grows, and performs. We do this through a platform for improving Knowledge (Educate), Leadership (Engage), and Management (Embrace). Through our consultative services, our clients and their people become the best they can be and realize their potential. The goal is to improve the performance and competitiveness of the business while making a positive impact on the lives of their people.

Michael Marshall



Michael is a learning and business performance architect with over 40 years of experience. His career spans across manufacturing and HR responsibilities in North America as well as globally. A native of Beaumont, TX, Michael is a graduate of Lamar University, with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS), specializing in Communication and Organizational Development. His education, coupled with experiences gained over a 36 year period at DuPont, gives him a unique perspective, 25 years which dealt with people development, collaborative problem solving, teamwork, and leadership development/coaching of people in multiple levels and functionalities of business. After DuPont, Michael continued to work as a consultant throughout North America. His home in Chester, Virginia serves as his base of operations. He finds time to renew his personal values through his family and church, reading both inspirational and developmental materials, including some unique and amazing poetry and stories from a close friend, music, especially blues and blue grass, talking with friends, and taking the occasional break on his porch in a rocking chair with a good hot cup of coffee.

Companies Served


The KLM Group Strategic Partners

All strategic partners are aligned in our values, principles, and desire to grow the capacity of a business to improve their performance by full collaboration and appreciation of the people that make up the organization, regardless of level, rank, or function. Each strategic partner provides solutions that are aligned with and additive to KLM solutions. The collective solutions advance the ability of the business to excel, along with their people, and grow their internal capability to become interdependent.

Neil Cordrey, Owner

New Reality Leadership, LLC

Neil Cordrey invested his career studying, coaching, and mentoring formal and informal leaders on the characteristics of leadership that impact culture and performance. He embodies these characteristics and traits and believes in the potential of everyone in an organization. Engaging people to become active partners in a business is challenging for most organizations. He believes that organizations with fully engaged and empowered employees is a key to business competitiveness. His approach allows for immediate and long-term business performance improvement and longer term, the shift in leadership behaviors improves the culture of an organization which maximizes business results.

Neil worked at DuPont as a learning consultant for 32 years with his early career focused on technical and safety training. Using effective instructional design approaches, Neil was able to create a training approach that reduced training time from 18 to 6 months and improved the knowledge and skill level of operations personnel. In 2000, he moved into a corporate human resource role focused on leadership and career development. Neil designed and facilitated leadership development processes for company leaders that focused on business improvement versus just attending leadership development events. He then managed the career development process for DuPont for several years and in 2008, he transitioned into a project to help change the culture of DuPont from a more traditional, hierarchical organization to one that engages the full talents of all employees. Neil has spent the last eight years creating the New Reality Leadership experience based on over thirty years of compiling research and case studies of leaders in Fortune 100 as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Neil resides in Elkton, Maryland with his wife. He has five children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Kent Hutchinson, Owner

C.J. Baxter Group, LLC

Kent Hutchison, with the CJ Baxter Group, LLC, has an outstanding history, ability, and reputation for being a dynamic speaker, incredible facilitator, and fantastic trainer. His abilities will support the Knowledge and Management components of The KLM Group. He has an extensive ‘library’ of resources along with a tremendous wealth of experience, from the workforce to the CEO, that supports practical development of employees and their managers. His contribution will help improve performance of the individual and the business.

A recognized leader, facilitator, and trainer, Kent has 25 years of experience in employee development and training. He is currently the principal consultant and senior partner with C.J. Baxter Group, LLC (www.cjbaxtergroup.com), an employee development firm based in Nacogdoches, Texas.

He is a past cluster facilitator at the nationally recognized LeaderShape Institute; as well as the prestigious multi-state Lone Star Rotary President Elect Training Seminar. Kent regularly facilitates leadership and team retreats for community organizations and businesses. Kent is popular and comfortable with both executive and blue collar leaders – utilizing his experience as a University Administrator and as a manager in the petrochemical/construction environment.

You can find Kent keynoting at professional conferences, and banquets and dinners. Each Spring you will find him facilitating public workshops/programs at both Lamar State College-Orange as well as Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA); along with guest lecturing at the University of North Texas.

Originally from Orangefield, Texas; this fifth-generation Texan, who now calls Nacogdoches, Texas home, is very involved as a community volunteer. A former volunteer fire fighter, Kent is currently engaged with several non-profit boards of directors where he holds multiple leadership roles.

One can expect an engaging and interactive presentation from Kent.

Steve Wilson, Managing Partner

Steve Wilson Associates, LLC

Steve Wilson has a wealth of expertise and tangible success in the arena of increased performance through eliminating waste. Waste is present in every aspect of operating and managing a business. By focusing everyone from the shop floor to the boardroom to understand how their role contributes to their business, they can seek out, avoid or eliminate waste. This same process has been utilized to improve safety performance and prevent injuries by engaging everyone in hazard and potential hazards recognition and mitigation. Within The KLM Group (Knowledge | Leadership | Management), Steve’s solutions will support the Management Systems component for KLM clients. SWA will provide critical tools businesses need to increase performance through long term solutions which eliminate all types of waste and create safer, injury free workplaces.

During a 37-year career for Dupont, Steve worked with people from the shop floor to the board room in almost every level of his site’s manufacturing operations and safety organization. Ten of those years included leading continuous improvement efforts. He has many professional certifications including: PSM auditor, six sigma black belt and master trainer. He ended his corporate career as member of Dupont’s corporate continuous improvement group. After his retirement, he became the managing partner of Steve Wilson Associates.

These varying roles and different levels of the organizations give him a unique perspective of how collaboration and engagement create business prosperity. His passion is to involve every person in a way that focuses their energy first in identifying hazards and wastes and then to be engaged in eliminating them. Safe working environments where people are part of the solutions nurture long term capability and sustainable business performance.

He has utilized, taught and coached: hazard recognition; safety processes development; process awareness; teamwork and interdependence; collaborative problem solving; capability building; as well as all facets of leadership development and coaching.

What sets Steve Wilson Associates apart is simplifying improvement activities and reducing the anxiety of change making an impact on performance in the short and long term. Steve uses expertise to identify your strengths and opportunities, and pays particular attention to leadership skill, engagement and where problem solving occurs because these are the engines which drive sustainable, continuous improvement.

This approach has accomplished results like:
• Cut costs and increase the speed of output faster than your competition.
• Drive customer connections into and throughout your organization.
• Build inter-dependence between functions and reduce conflicts.
• Eliminate waste (including redoing process initiatives).
• Improve quality, eliminate defects and improve reliability.
• Increase the impact and speed of implementing sustainable solutions.
• Create and sustain a culture where people perform above their potential.

Steve is a lifelong resident of Charleston, West Virginia where he resides with his wife. They have two adult sons and a grandson. He has utilized his skills in several volunteer positions including Board Member; Kanawha County Schools, Board Member; Community Council of Kanawha Valley; and Board member of the United Way of Kanawha Valley. His family loves to watch and attend West Virginia University Mountaineer football and basketball games.


I worked with Michael Marshall, with The KLM Group, as a master facilitator for our IT Nation Evolve Peer Groups. Michael assisted our core facilitators to help them improve and grow by auditing their peer group room experiences. Michael was able to give real time and documented information to each assigned facilitator on their strengths and how to help them improve. Michael was a great self-starter and very dependable and professional. I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with him.

~ Connie Arentson
Member Services Manager
ConnectWise, IT Nation Evolve

When Texas and Virginia Baptist Chaplaincy Relations wanted to design a three to five-year strategic plan for the future of our chaplaincy ministry, we looked no further than KLM and Michael Marshall. As a non-profit organization, we had limited resources for strategic planning and even fewer ideas of how to proceed.  Michael gave us timely guidance, pragmatic structure, and world-class consultation. His positive and kind nature won over even the most skeptical members of our team! The path Michael set out for us allowed us to focus on thriving, not simply surviving!

~ Bobby R. Smith, D.Min.
Chaplaincy Relations Director
Texas Baptists

I have had the pleasure to work with Michael for over two years. First serving on a committee with him at the chamber were he took the initiative to keep us on track with our goals, objectives and deliverables. The second opportunity I had the pleasure to work with Michael was him being a client and I have to say he took quick actions to take his business to the next level. Finally, as a colleague/strategic partner. Michael has been instrumental in helping me help my clients with their strategic objectives by figuring out how to bridge the GAP with them reaching their strategic outcomes. Did I mention that Michael is one of the most caring, considerate people I know. If you ever get the pleasure (no honor) to work with him, you will find out fast how dynamic/gifted he is. I consider Michael a true friend/partner.

~ Jim Roman

Michael is a change agent who uses his exceptional listening skills to get to the heart of issues. He knows what it takes to make real, sustainable change happen in the work setting. His sense of humor and upbeat approach to situations help him win over people who might otherwise resist a new initiative.

I highly recommend Michael to any organization that is looking for someone with lots of energy to go along with many years of hands-on experience.

~ Dennis LaMountain

Michael is excellent at coaching people to maximize their and their organizations’ talent and capability. He has significant knowledge of Continuous Improvement processes, practices and techniques. His talent lies in working with clients to increase performance while building sustainable capability in themselves and their organization.

~ Steve Wilson

It has been a great pleasure to work with Mike, for many, many years. I first met Mike while he was working at DuPont Sabine River Works — and have considered him a mentor and coach for my career ever since. He does an outstanding job on every project he facilitates; and his lessons are a valued asset to any organization and/or participant. Mike’s presentations are interactive and meaningful in improving workplace behavior. I only get to see/work with Mike about once a year — but it’s a treat each time..

~ Kent Hutchinson

Educate. Engage. Embrace.


The KLM Group exists to improve the way the world of business learns, grows, and performs through a platform for improving Knowledge (Education), Leadership (Engagement), and Management (Embracing).


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